As the CEO of LIES AND DISGUISES I am fully committed to employing the deceits of fiction in order to deliver packages of approximate truths.
This website will enable you to sample a variety of writing available in drama, prose and poetry.
Twelve full length plays are currently available for production as well as several ten minute pieces originally performed at LIVE THEATRE in Newcastle.  Interested theatre companies should contact me at k.ogden@live.co.uk.

My writing...

Full length plays


Temperaments clash and unexpected consequences occur after "soap man" Lord Leverhulme commissions a painting from Augustus John.  (Cast of 8)
First production at Bolton Little Theatre 10th to 16th May 2014 (Sold out!)  Second production in August 2014 also sold out.
(This production won three Greater Manchester Drama Federation Awards for 2014: Best Director (Peter Scofield) / Best Supporting Actor (Daniel Clynes) / Special prize for "Adventure in Theatre".  It was also nominated for "Best Production".
"Engaging and witty" - The Bolton News


An attack on Sheila’s son triggers a change in her character.  (Cast of 5 - 7)
Winner of 'People's Play Award 2012'  Performance at The People's Theatre Newcastle 20th - 24th November 2012  
"Very impressive!"  "Thoughtful and well-crafted"  "Thought provoking"


2023 meets 1937 when Nicola opens a box her grandmother has bequeathed her.  (Cast of 5: 3m/2f) 
Comments on earlier drafts:
 "A fascinating tale of a little-known sociological experiment that took place in Bolton in 1937. The play is well-written with a great central idea interspersing present-day characters trying to find out about an old love affair with action from the past. There is good dialogue and it's an intriguing story about the middle classes actively spying on working-class people"  (Papatango)
"A thought provoking and intriguing play which touches on a number of different interesting and pertinent themes and ideas … a fascinating insight into a specific part of local history that still feels relevant and prescient.  The way in which you contrast present-day Bolton with the 1930s serves the story and message driving the play particularly effectively.  Sean is a beautifully vivid character who provides some welcome light relief but also has a complexity of fears and insecurities hidden behind the banter." (Royal Exchange) 
"An enchanting concept that a lot of audiences will enjoy" (Oldham Colloseum)
"Lots of threads and exciting material about a dark side of British history and its impact on our present. The present feels very well observed and articulated with the tension between Claire and Sean feeling very true to life"   (Live Theatre)