As the CEO of LIES AND DISGUISES I am fully committed to employing the deceits of fiction in order to deliver packages of approximate truths.

This website will enable you to sample a variety of writing available in drama, prose and poetry.

Twelve full length plays are currently available for production as well as several ten minute pieces originally performed at LIVE THEATRE in Newcastle.  Interested theatre companies should contact me at k.ogden@live.co.uk.

My writing...

Full length plays


Temperaments clash and unexpected consequences occur after "soap man" Lord Leverhulme commissions a painting from Augustus John.  (Cast of 8)

First production at Bolton Little Theatre 10th to 16th May 2014 (Sold out!)

(This production won three Greater Manchester Drama Federation Awards for 2014: Best Director (Peter Scofield) / Best Supporting Actor (Daniel Clynes) / Special prize for "Adventure in Theatre".  It was also nominated for "Best Production".

"Engaging and witty" - The Bolton News



An attack on Sheila’s son triggers a change in her character.  (Cast of 5 - 7)

Winner of 'People's Play Award 2012'  Performance at The People's Theatre Newcastle 20th - 24th November 2012  

"Very impressive!"  "Thoughtful and well-crafted"  "Thought provoking"



A lone eagle circles the crags around Haweswater.  A lone man returns to a hotel on its shores.  (Cast of 3: 1m/2f) Draft longlisted for Papatango Prize:  "a drama centering on the unexpected friendship between a 19 year old performing arts student (Amy) and a 60 year old bird watcher (Neil). Whereas Amy is open with her dreams and traumas, Neil is much more closed, with hints throughout that there is more to him and his plans than meet the eye"   



"Here’s the problem you know!  This is where it starts to go wrong!  Love!  All these people looking for ... Love!" (Cast of 4: 1m/3f) 



Oliver Lodge is a rational scientist so why is he delving into the occult?  (Cast of 5: 3m/2f)

"Intriguing ...a great grasp of language and dialogue ... an economical and very stageable play" : Alan Harris (playwright).



Amy Johnson's life was a drama.  Now it's a piece of theatre.  (Cast of 3: 1m/2f)


Darren has constructed himself a virtual self; but then, who hasn’t?  (Cast of 5: 2m/3f)  Opening scene performed at Live Theatre's Final Cut 7th and 8th June 2012 




A play about Alzheimers and domestic abuse moves backwards and forwards across time.  (Cast of 4)

"An ambitious piece through which the writer experiments with structure and form in a way that theatre is well suited to ... the writer demonstrates a confrontational and punchy style": Shellagh Stephenson. 

                                                      "THE THREE MARYS"

Find out what happened to the girls from BUNTY who are now in late middle age - and why is there only 3 of them?




It's difficult starting a new life when you're still living the old one.   (Cast of 5)


Why won't Don leave the house?  Who is John Hargrave?  And why has nobody heard of the Green Shirts?  (Cast of 3)

"This is a strong play - a warmly-written comedic play about a man, battling terribly with agoraphobia and alcohol addiction, who is attempting to write about youth leaders John Hargrave and Robert Baden-Powell. The men materialise in his front room in order to help tell their story punctuated by visits from his sister who is helping to look after him. The play has a good sense of theatrical playfulness and the dialogue, especially between our protagonist and his sister, sparks nicely off the page. I have not seen another play that features these two particular characters from history." : Papatango Theatre



Joan summons up her regular ghosts but isn’t prepared for them to tell the truth.  (Cast of 3 plus a cat or an impressionist)  Short-listed for BBC Radio Northern Playwright of the Year 1999) 




When everyone wants to be someone why would someone want to be no-one?  (Cast of 3)  Live Theatre's Short Cuts winning script July 2010 - 10 minutes.

Other works

"That Kind of Man" - a novel available for publication.

"Experiments in Being Human" - a collection of poems prose and playlets.

4 x 10 minute plays on a variation of themes performed at the Live Theatre, Newcastle Upon Tyne.


Performance Poetry.