"... a fascinating tale of a little-known sociological experiment ... well-written with a great central idea ... good dialogue ... intriguing story"
                Papatango Theatre
"... a sense of intrigue enchanting concept that a lot of audiences will enjoy"
               Oldham Coliseum
"... a thought-provoking and intriguing play which touches on a number of different interesting and pertinent themes and ideas"
               Royal Exchange

(For Anne, Jordayne and Julie with thanks- carers despite the odds).
“Sweet moderation, heart of this nation, desert us not, we are between the wars.”
Billy Bragg
"I really don't care, do u?"
Melania Trump's jacket
Three Male.
Two Female.
  • Nikki / Ada Rowley - Nikki's great grandmother (both early twenties)
  • Sean - Nikki's boyfriend / Greville Charlecote (both mid twenties)
  • Claire - Nikki's dependent friend (early twenties) / Friend
  • Roger Church (early twenties)
  • Tom Harrisson (twenty six) / Tristram (forty three)
  • Locations – Bolton in the present. The 1937 sections – Bolton, Blackpool, London.

The props are brought on and off the stage by the cast . The lighting switches to a hint of sepia in the 1937 sections.
When the play opens Claire is sitting on stage. She is wearing pyjamas - her arms are folded around her knees which    are hunched up under her chin – her head is down - her sleeves are rolled up, the left arm showing a row of raw scars.  Next to her sits Roger – upright with his hands in front of him – he looks straight into the audience. Neither appears aware, at this stage, of the other’s presence. Claire raises her head - bites her lip and closes her eyes. Roger shrugs his shoulders and smiles slightly. Slowly they both sense each other’s presence. He reaches out to take her hand – she lets him take it. He nods to her - smiles. Total black-out and the sound of an explosion. Actors exit.
With the lights still down we see a projection of a moving image of a factory in the 1930s emptying at the end of the day. The screen is filled with people. (Example:
Sean enters the auditorium. He walks on his own through the audience, ear-pieces in – he’s finished his shift at the call-centre. He lifts his head, takes out the ear-pieces and looks at the screen. He replaces the ear-pieces and walks off.
Lights down and up.