'Sunlight On The Moors' summary by Peter Scofield (Director)
It is 1920.  Lord Leverhulme, born in Bolton 69 years before, is at his summer home in Rivington when the celebrated and eccentric artist, Augustus John, arrives to paint his portrait.  The two men clash, temperamentally and artistically, with Leverhulme increasingly isolated as his war-scarred nephew, Eric, sides with the bohemian artist and his mistress, Dorelia. 
But when Leverhulme's intemperate reaction to the finished portrait inadvertently triggers an international outcry in the art world, it is Eric who comes to the rescue. 
A warm and witty mixture of fact and fiction, the world premiere of 'Sunlight On The Moors' explores family tensions, the legacy of World War I, the paradox behind philanthropic industrialisation and the nature of art itself.
 John O'Connell as Augustus John with Daniel Clynes as Eric and Mike Jeffries as Lord Leverhulme